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Welcome to the incubator.

certified google and facebook partern expert in advertisement for course creators
logo of online course creator with marketing strategy
logo online course creator with acquistion strategy
logo online course creator in wellness industry
logo course creator with marketing strategy
logo online course creator with advertisement
logo online course creator with advertisement strategy
logo course creator in wellness industry
logo of online course creator with marketing team
online course with acquistion strategy

What if your only priority is your online course ?

As a course creator, there is the danger of you becoming a slave to your course. In constantly posting content to promote it, you run the risk of spending more time trying to get your course out there and into the hands of students than you spent creating it.

We aim to free up your time, giving you more opportunity to create new courses, or simply free up your days to be used in a personal and recreational capacity.

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One structure,
all you need

One structure, all you need

We take into account your needs to make sure that our services are the best high-performing option to promote your Online Course

Advertising platforms

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1. Define your target audience

Before we start advertising, we identify exactly who you want to reach.

2. Choose your advertising platforms

There are many platforms and networks to advertise your course on, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We aim for maximum impact and value.

3. Create and test ads

We write your ad copy and design your ads, set up tracking and conversion goals, and optimize results by finding the best ad formats and targeting options.


Personalized Advertising Strategy

  • Set up and optimize campaigns to achieve specific goals, like driving sales or generating leads.
  • Develop high-converting campaigns that achieve their intended goals.
  • Deliver scalable campaigns that reach your target audience fast.
  • Target specific demographics, locations, or interests to reach your desired audience.
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Client Experience

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some of our clients had to say…

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From $24,384 in Ad Spend → $102,393,00 in Revenue

“We’ve been working with dozen of freelancers media buyer or agencies, but CourseIncubator were the only team that have given a wave of novelty in our already saturated niche.”

Experienced Team

When it comes to your online education, you deserve the best. That’s where we come in.
A team of experts is on hand to ensure you get the most out of your course.

logo ceo course incubator

Anasthase Guilloux - CEO

Let us roll up our sleeves and help you with everything related to running and growing your business. Our team of digital marketing experts can take all the stress out of your online marketing, freeing up your time and resources to spend on growing your business instead.

Sales, Management & Marketing

alise growth expert in online course creation
Alisa P.
valentin manager at course incubator
Valentin P.
nathan manager and advertisement expert at course incubator
Nathan G.

Website developpement & Designer

sajjad technical expert at course incubator
Sajjad K.
christofer expert at course incubator
Christopher M.
saiyora expert in course creation marketing for course incubator
Valentine K.

Media Buying & Marketer

oussama expert acquisiton marketing as media buyer for course incubator
Oussama P.
john expert acquisition marketing as media buyer for course incubator
John P.
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Copywritters & Content Manager

1 3
Arnaud L.
loris expert copywritting and marketing for course incubator
Loris Q.
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Unique Growth Strategy

course incubator growth graph for course creators
course incubator growth graph for course creators
Month #1

Funnel buildling + Ads setup

  • Create a funnel according to your niche
  • Design and copy creation
  • Creation of ads and a 100% tracking system
Month #2

Optimisation (A/B Testing)

  • A/B testing more than 50+ creatives
  • A/B testing audiences
  • A/B test the ads platforms 
Month #3


  • Scale the Ads budget
  • Increase your sales
  • Focus on the best performing platforms

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