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Increasing course sales with Facebook Ads & Google Ads



Our Senior Media buyer, Designers & French copywriters  ran a campaign of Facebook Ads & google ads and saw a x7,74 ROAS the first two month of our collaboration, then the average of sales were 3.5 ROAS.



Higher conversion lift with Facebook ads Ads during the first two months


Recurring sales with the support of our teams on facebook ads & google ads 


Lower incremental cost per purchase with Course Incubator than by doing the ads theirself



Holistic education company Les bonnes formations create online certificate courses on subjects like personal growth, esoterism, spirituality, holistic medicine, mindfulness, and more. The learning platform has headquarters in France.

Henri Luc the founder start his collaboration with Course incubator in September 2020 to help him develop his company.

After a few successful months In January 2022, he sold his company to his main competitor.

Let’s discover how we transformed underachieving these online courses, into a success story using Facebook & Google ads.

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Boosting sales & Awareness

After revamping its course with top creators in the esoterism niche to expand its product offerings, Les bonnes formations wanted to increase sales at a lower cost

Before (O,3% conversion rate)

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After (8% conversion rate)

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Increase Conversion rate

Step 1 - Landing page

We started to work on the landing page because it is pointless to drive traffic towards a landing page that doesn’t convert.

So we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that included targeting, lead capture, and nurturing based on demographic choices. 

Here the audience was predominantly women between the ages of 35 to 55 years old. 

We were convinced that a more visual and social approach to marketing was the best solution. 

So we started to develop a new tailor-made design landing page on Clickfunnel and we added Upsell & downsell in order to increase the average basket. 

Finally, the average conversion rate of our landing page was 8%, compared to 0.3% before. 


Create / Testing / Optimising

The top priority was ensuring that the mission of the promotion was always front and center — utilizing straightforward copy that got the point across as quickly as possible. 

As an added touch, the team leaned in on the vibrant designs and colors of Lesbonnesformations branding to grab attention, stripping away any design elements non-essential to the promotion.

We used up to 100 different images and videos, and up to 15 text variations during our 1 year of collaboration.

Together, those factors enabled the below ads to hit 7.74 ROAS between November to January  & 3.5 on average. 

In the weeks that followed, Lesbonnesformations continued to move fast: new courses were launched, each supported by advertising that iterated rapidly on both the creative and paid fronts.

Coordinating Google with its social campaigns, meant not only more course discovery but far more efficient use of spending.

“Throughout the campaign, the CTR was super high and CPC was super low,” said Henri Luc Chappia.

Working initially on the landing page & then on high-quality ads was the perfect equation for getting as many people to the site and confidently converting on the backend.

New Project 68

Exemple of Advertising

Google Ads - Results

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Facebook Ads - Results

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Products used

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Facebook ads

Ran high-performing ads on Facebook & Instagram

4 7


Developed a sales page with a high conversion rate

3 2

Google ads

Promoted his business to an engaged audience.


We decided to test the effectiveness of Course Incubator, and are pleased that we have seen a satisfactory increase in conversion lift while keeping our acquisition costs low. With a large number of creative assets to work with, we were able to ensure that the highest-performing ads were seen by a global audience.

Henri Luc Chappia

Founder of LesBonnesFormations

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