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Increasing one to one sales with Facebook Ads & Google Ads

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How Course Incubator Generated new clients for one-to-one coaching with paid traffic strategy: Facebook ads & Google Ads



Increased our turnover by 13% with our new service


Recurring sales generated with the support of our teams on Facebook ads & google ads 


16x return on investment with paid advertising only



Course Incubator is an agency, which helps to increase the ROI of infopreneurs via paid advertising and email marketing

We have decided to improve our service by offering the possibility of personalized coaching with our senior media buyer, to learn how to sell your online courses easily.

Let’s discover how we managed to develop our new service with only two tools: Facebook ads & Google ads.

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The process

Boosting sales

You will discover the steps that helped us to generate sales for our coaching service.

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Step 1 - The funnel

Our sales funnel is simple – our goal was to bring people interested in our ads to a landing page that explained our entire service.

We could only take a maximum of 5 clients for coaching. That’s why we highlighted the exclusive coaching service on our landing page, with a design that fits well with our brand image.

Each prospect can book a free session with our coaches directly on the website. This allows us not to mislead our clients and to focus on quality above all.

We purposely keep a 5-day delay between the request on our website and the free coaching. In order to send her/him an automated email sequence, created by our expert and our copywriter that he will receive before our call. 

These emails allow two things: 

– To make sure the customer is relevant

Reassure him/her and warm him/her up in order to have more facilities to close the deal at the end of the free session.

As you can imagine, once the client completes the first free session with us. We try to convert them to our three months of paid coaching. 

Paid Traffic

Create / Testing / Optimising

Facebook ads:

The top priority as always was ensuring that the mission of the promotion was always front and center — utilizing straightforward copy that got the point across as quickly as possible. 

We have noticed with the help of our data analyst, that ads that contain human faces, tend to convert better, that’s why with the permission of our customers we put photos of them. 

As an added touch, the team leaned in on the vibrant designs and colors of our branding to grab attention, stripping away any design elements non-essential to the promotion.

Facebook ads bring us – 70% of our leads for a price of $55 per lead

Google ads:

To bring more qualified people we also used Google ads. Google ads bring traffic on desired keywords.

To do this we used SEM Rush, a keyword and search volume analysis tool. 

Google ads bring us – 30% of our leads for a price of $27 per lead

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Example of Advertising

Google Ads - Results

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Facebook Ads - Results

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Products used

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Facebook ads

Ran high-performing ads on Facebook & Instagram

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Developed a sales page with a high conversion rate

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Google ads

Promoted his business to an engaged audience.