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Initial Situation

"We’re losing money on our advertising investment."

Metiers Bien Etre were having trouble monetizing their online courses despite initial success with sales. They reached out to us for help, and we developed a strategy to leverage Facebook and Google ads to increase their course sales in the French market. Our approach led to significant success and turned their underperforming courses into a highly profitable venture.

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Website Optimization

To improve the performance of Metiers Bien Etre’s online courses, we first focused on their landing page.

We created a tailored website for their niche courses on WordPress that was specifically adapted to the French market and delivered a healthy conversion rate of 2.7%.

Our team focused on enhancing the visual design and copywriting to improve the landing page’s quality and build trust with potential customers.

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Ad Strategy

Advertisement (Planning + Launch)

Our second step was to focus on the campaign’s mission by using clear and understandable copywriting that quickly got to the point. We also incorporated vibrant branding to grab attention and removed non-essential design elements. The campaign ran on Instagram and Facebook, using CBO and Dynamic testing to achieve the best cost per acquisition and cost per click.

We targeted cold traffic in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, followed by a phase featuring testimonials for those who had already seen the ads. We also created a Custom Audience to target ads to a lookalike audience based on people who had viewed the videos in the first phase.

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Our approach to Metiers Bien Etre’s online course promotion was a resounding success. Through our targeted Facebook and Google ad campaigns, we were able to increase their course sales and turn their underperforming courses into a highly profitable venture.

Our tailored landing page and attention-grabbing promotions featuring vibrant niche branding were instrumental in achieving this success. See the infographic below for a visual representation of our results.

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