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From Passionate to $25.608 a montha month in just 6 months in theFootball Agent Industry

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Recorded 21 April 2023 (Updated)
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Return on Ad Spend





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Initial Situation

“I needed expertise in the Education niche."

Sydney contacted us in June 2022 after trying to develop his expertise in the Football Agent Industry online.

With his local internal team, he started to build the foundations of a platform to promote his course.

We guided him by providing valuable knowledge and expertise in the education sector niche. 

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Website Optimization

Since beginning his collaboration with Course Incubator, a new website and funnel have been built, focusing on the User Interface that customers interact with. The funnel has been tailored to build confidence in the school and it covers the following:

  • Testimonials 
  • Case Studies of a successful agent 
  • Logos of the football teams the agents work with
  • Competent trainers 


We prioritized a lead generation strategy, as the course is a high-ticket product that sells for around $2,590.

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Ad Strategy

Advertisement (Planning + Launch)

Outstanding advertisements are the cornerstone of successfully marketing and promoting an online course. As the course targets the football industry, the client needed distinctive and well-known branding.

  • Best targeted interest:
  • Football AND Business
  • Nike, Adidas, Puma AND Entrepreneurship 



  • Lookalike of current lead (1% – 5%) 

With an average cost per lead of $16.82 over the past six months with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, Sydney’s team generated hot leads, which resulted in a healthy conversion rate.

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After more than six months of Course Incubator working with the client, they generated more than six-figure revenue, working 100% online.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads generated a stable cost per lead and delivered strong brand recognition all over the country.

With an average of 7.4 in ROAS, Sydney was able to generate significant profit while helping students realize their footballing dreams.

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