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3 Ways To Generate Leads With Facebook Ads For Your Online Course

The #1 Mistake Course Creators Make When Advertising On Facebook

Whenever I speak to course creators, I always ask them: “have you tried running ads on Facebook?”They always say yes. So, why do most creators fail to get results from their advertising efforts?Having worked with lots of content creators over the years, I’ve found there to be one main reason: they go straight for the sale. As creators, we are passionate about our courses and how much of an impact they can have on our customers’ lives. Because of that, we often fall into the trap of thinking all we need to do is put up a simple ad on Facebook asking people to buy our course. But as you’re probably aware, it’s not that easy.

Breaking down the funnel

In order to build that know, like, and trust we need to move away from trying to immediately make the sale and instead focus on building a relationship. Before they trust you, they need to like you. For us to have success with our advertising, we need to communicate with our prospects based on where they’re at in this journey with us. But if they know us, like us and trust us… then it’s a different story. Related: The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Strategy For Selling Online Courses

Top 3 Advertising Funnels For Course Creators

There are endless possibilities when it comes to making Facebook advertising work for your course, but having worked on hundreds of course campaigns, there are 3 that we’ve seen work time and time again.

A Webinar Funnel

Like I’ve mentioned before, to get someone to buy from you, you need to build trust with them – and a webinar funnel is a great way to do that. Typically a webinar will consist of you putting on a presentation around the topic that you teach inside your course. There’s even the opportunity to build relationships with live Q&A’s. You’re no longer trying to sell something to someone, you’re offering them the chance to learn about something. This is key, because it’s the first step in building trust with your potential customers.

Offering a free trial

Offering a free trial is arguably the easiest and lowest-barrier-to-entry funnel you can use. You simply offer your course to people for free (for a limited number of days). This gives them a chance to “try before they buy” and is by far the most effective way to get people into your course and consuming your content. The problem with offering free content is that you can often attract the wrong people. Everyone loves a freebie, and often people will sign up for things just because they can. But it becomes a numbers game.

Offering a “mini” version of your course

Similar to the free trial is offering a mini version of your course. It’s super simple – rather than trying to pitch your full course in an ad, you simply take a section of your course (or create a separate mini version) and offer it for free. For example, let’s pretend you offer a course on video editing. Selecting the best editing tool) and offer that for free. If they like what you have to say in the mini-course, there’s a strong chance they’ll want to upgrade!Offering a mini-course also makes a great offer for your Facebook ads. People sign up knowing that they are going to learn something for free and get to learn about you, your style of teaching and will quickly know whether the rest of the course will be valuable to them. It’s also a great pre-qualifier because if someone signs up to your mini-course, you can almost guarantee they are a perfect customer for your main course – and so you can continue to nurture and market to them regularly. Related: 3 Types of Facebook Ads to Boost Your Online Course Sales

Three ways to generate more leads and customers for your course using Facebook ads. Like anything we do in advertising it’s important to test different things to see what works best for you. For some industries, webinars can work really well, whereas for others, offering a free trial might be more profitable. What’s true for all three though is, if you do them you will build your audience, generate more leads, and will attract potential buyers.

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