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How to Create a Sales Funnel to Sell Online Courses

Why send a follow up email after webinar attendance

When your webinar is finished, your customer sales journey is just getting started. If you can craft your sales copy to compliment your webinar pitch, you can persuade attendees to make a purchase. Without a post webinar follow up email, you run the risk of your webinar attendees falling off the map. They might’ve watched and enjoyed your webinar but if you don’t follow up with them, they’re unlikely to make a purchase on their own. Follow up emails are designed to guide your webinar attendees towards your final goal: converting your audience into paying customers. Get our free follow up email template and 7 tips on how to write your own:

7 tips for your post webinar follow up email

With the right post webinar follow up email, you can significantly increase your conversion rate and establish a long-term relationship with your clients. Neil Patel’s method for writing a post webinar follow up email is a little different to other marketing experts and brands. Rather than stale copy that simply thanks customers for their attendance, he uses his first post webinar follow up email as a chance to sell his product further and push attendees to make a purchase. Over 15% of attendees convert to a free trial with this webinar follow up email template. Don’t lose this golden opportunity to convert your webinar attendees. Here are 7 top tips for writing an effective and high converting post webinar follow up email. Sign up for our Free Webinar Sales Funnel course for a step-by-step of how he does it and how you can get the same results

1. Use an attention-grabbing subject line

Your subject line is one of the most important part of your webinar email sequence. You could write the best email in the world but if no one bothers to open it then it’s useless. The webinar follow up email subject line really is make or break for your sales funnel. Make sure you spend time working on your email subject line and test out different versions to see which one performs the best. Learn more about how to craft your webinar follow up email subject line below.

2. Write a headline for your email

When you’re writing your post webinar follow up email, it’s a good idea to include a headline for your sales copy. Why? Because this immediately tells your reader what they can expect from the rest of the copy. It entices them to read further and see your full offer. Why We Spent $2,000,000+ To Build The Magic Video Platform SO Powerful It Nails $100,000 Client Projects – And Why We Are Giving It Away For Free!”To write a good headline, include the main benefit from your course or what your target audience is hoping to get out of it. Try drafting a list of 15-20 different headlines and test out 5 of the best to see which one works.

3. Tell them more about you

If you’re persuading your webinar attendees to make a purchase or sign-up for a free trial, you need to demonstrate why you’re the right brand for them. In your post webinar follow up email, make sure you introduce yourself and your business. Highlight your previous experience, how you’ve helped people in the past, and what sets you apart from your competitors. If you can add photos of your team, you can give your brand more integrity and build up trust with your audience.

4. Spell out the benefits of your product

This is not the time to be coy about your products. In your post webinar follow up email, you want to be your business’ biggest cheerleader. That means highlighting the benefits of your product and any bonus features your offer includes. Use bullet points, lists and subheadings to make it easy for your reader to scan the best parts of your product. Your aim here is to give your audience all the best parts of your business in a quick, easy-to-absorb format.

5. Add social proof

If you want to take your post webinar follow up email to the next level, you need to include social proof. That means testimonials, star ratings, brand logos and statistics about the number of customers you’ve helped. A single review can increase conversion rates by 10%!Social proof can take your copy from interesting to irresistible in just a few lines. Top tip – If you’re just starting out and you don’t have any testimonials or many sign-ups, get reviews from colleagues instead.

6. Show the value of your product

When you’re writing any sales copy for your business, it works to be really explicit about the value of your products or services. If you can quantify for prospective customers exactly what they’ll be getting from you, you can help them see the value for money. Try listing out the different features and including the price for each component with a final total at the end. You can also use social proof to make the value of your offer extra clear – highlight your customers who earnt or gained X amount of money from using your product. He uses actual figures to show his audience exactly what they’re getting for their money – and makes it seem like an offer that’s too good to miss!Download Neil Patel’s full webinar follow up email template here.


How to write a webinar follow up email subject line

The best webinar follow up email subject lines create a sense of urgency and excitement for your webinar attendees. Telling people that they only have a limited opportunity to do something – like make a purchase or sign-up for a free trial – is a really effective way to get them to open your email. Here’s 5 tips for how to write a webinar follow up email subject line:

1. Spark their curiosity

The best subject lines don’t reveal everything at once. Write your webinar follow up email subject line with the reader in mind. How will you capture their imagination?Email subject lines that tease and spark your audience’s curiosity are more likely to get opened. Don’t give all the information at once. Get your reader to open your email to find out the full story.

2. Add urgency

If you want to write a webinar follow up email subject line that gets your attendees to take notice, create the feeling of urgency or scarcity. Email subject lines that build a sense of urgency can earn a 22% higher open rate. That means they really work!The idea is to make your reader feel like time is running out. It triggers the FOMO response – ‘fear of missing out’ – and drives them to open your email. Try it for yourself and see how effective it can be.


3. Make it shorter

Look over the email subject lines you’ve drafted so far and cut them down. Over 42% of all email opens were via mobile devices in 2019.That means you have even less space to get your message across. Try using no more than 9 words or 60 characters to write your webinar follow up email subject line. Work on cutting out filler words and anything that doesn’t need to be there. Make it shorter, tighter and more direct.

4. Keep it clear

If there’s one thing you need to remember when writing your subject line it’s this: keep it clear. Don’t get bogged down in trying to be too clever or fancy with your webinar email follow up subject line. At the end of the day, your reader needs to be able to read it and instantly understand it. If in doubt, get someone you trust to read through your email subject lines before you use them. Does it make sense to anyone other than you? If the answer is “ummm…”, scrap it and try again.

5. Test for the best

The best way to find out which webinar follow up email subject lines work for your audience is to try testing out several different ones. Draft a list of 20 subject lines and then choose 3-5 of the best to test. See which one has the highest open rate and use this for all your post webinar follow up emails going forward.

Webinar follow up email template

So now you know what to include in your post webinar follow up email and how to write a webinar follow up email subject line. Ready to have a go at crafting your own?Download Neil Patel’s webinar follow up email template to get startedBy studying the elements of Neil Patel’s top-performing webinar follow up email template, you work on writing your own expert follow up email. 

These are all the tips you need to create a post webinar follow up email that will convert attendees into customers. Don’t let your leads slip away – send them a follow up email after webinar attendance!For more expert advice on marketing your webinar Sign up for Neil Patel’s Free Webinar Sales Funnel course.

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